Rejuvenate sex organs with vaginoplasty

Rejuvenate sex organs with vaginoplasty
The process of childbirth, aging, and genetic factors often cause the malfunctioning of the vagina. During labor when the baby came out through the birth canal, muscle, fascia and ligaments can experience tears and become weak and loose. Perineum and the pelvic floor muscles that also support the vagina can also experience the same thing. But apparently weak vaginal and pelvic muscles can also be experienced by women who have given birth! The reason could be due to: lack of ancillary muscle tissue (genetic), old cough, and increased abdominal cavity pressure such as heavy lifting, or obesity. The diameter of the vagina becomes larger, the loss of power tongs and control on the contraction of vaginal muscles. Eventually lead to loss of sensation and sexual pleasure. At this stage of the vagina is not functioning optimally.

This problem can lead to disturbances in self-confidence, a sense of satisfaction in intimate relationships and affects the sexual life of the household. Powerful way to fix it is to rejuvenate the vagina (vaginal rejuvenation), also known as Vaginoplasty.

Vaginoplasty is an act of reconstruction of the vagina to reshape normal vagina. Vaginoplasty action aims to reshape and tighten the muscles of the vagina, perineum and the pelvic wall so that the vagina back to its form and function "pre-pregnancy". Vaginoplasty is highly recommended even in women who experience a "decrease" abdominal organs like the bladder (cystocele), urethral tract (uretrokel), rectum (rektokel) or intestine (enterokel). Also on the complaint of incontinence in which patients can not hold the discharge of urine or feces that comes out spontaneously. The repair process as well as the perineum and vagina form the pelvic floor muscles can lead to increased arousal and sexual satisfaction for women (and men)!

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What is the process Vaginoplasty?

Dr. Prima Progestian, SpOG of the UB Women and Children Hospital Jakarta to explain the actions Vaginoplasty can be performed in Indonesia, no need to go abroad. Vaginoplasty done by removing excess tissue, and muscles tighten network advocates the vaginal wall, perineum and pelvic floor. This action will make the vagina into the meeting again. The operation was done by general anesthesia, but in severe cases can not be done under local anesthetic. The action takes place within one to two hours and principle, patients can go home the same day. After the patient's actions do not need bedrest, can walk and do light activities. Sometimes patients complain of mild bleeding or pain due to swelling in the area of ​​operation. But usually disappear within one or two days. During the healing process of patients are prohibited from having sex, douching or put tampons within 6 weeks after surgery

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  1. I heard it in a movie last night. The woman's friend said because she had not had sex in so long, she would need to have a vaginoplasty.Is that true?

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    Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that can usually correct the problem of stretched vaginal muscles.
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