Hymenoplasty: Gifts surprises on the day of love (Valentine's day)

Hymenoplasty: Gifts surprises on the day of love (Valentine's day)
In some newspapers, magazines, internet, radio in the United States and Europe, in recent years raised the "boom" hymen repair action or "Hymenoplasty" (if this term is converted himenoplasti bahasakan). Or also known as the "hymen rejuvenation" or "revirgination". This action usually plural performed by the women from the Middle East and Latin America because of social customs and culture that emphasizes the importance of virginity when entering the world of marriage.

Himenoplasti increasing trend in women in France, Germany, Canada including the United States delivered by Esmeralda Vanegas, owner of the Ridgewood Health and Beauty Center in New York, that "Demand himenoplasti increased to five patients each bulannya.Hymenoplasty done to please a husband or partner because knowing that her partner wanted to make out with a virgin "said Cuban-born woman. In the United States, some women do revirginasi as a way to improve sexual life, felt a "second honeymoon" and even given as gifts valentine day gift for her husband and partner!

Jeanette Yarborough, a nurse from San Antonio, Texas, United States, said that he did Hymenoplasty, as a special gift for her husband on the 16th wedding anniversary. "I'm no longer a virgin when she got married and I do not think there's nothing better than revirginasi" said The 40-year-old mother told the AFP news agency. I want memberikah a sentimental gift and it turned out her husband was so touched!

In some tribes, women's hymen can affect marriage prospects, the reputation of their families or even someone's life. Virginity at marriage is worth the religious, social and even ekonomi.Di many Mediterranean and African cultures, the family man is violent revenge and punishment for the bride who is not a virgin who had humiliated their families. So Hymenoplasty considered a "necessity" for social status, happiness and even saving their lives.

How about Hymenoplasty in Indonesia? I see the same trend. Socio-cultural issues still dominate the desire to revirginasi. In fact his actions are not only related to "repair" the hymen, but also the overall female genitalia.

Medically a woman can be taken on genital reconstruction when the physical have a complaint, such as small genital lips (labia minora) are very prominent, causing injury and pain during dressing, the presence of congenital abnormalities of the genitals or the emergence of a complaint to defecate or urinate .

Hymenoplasty is one of the reconstruction action in female genitalia. Medically, there is some kind of genital reconstruction, among others: vaginoplasty performed on women who have congenital abnormalities which do not have a vaginal opening, thus requiring a "hole" to get in touch with her husband made when they wanted to get married. There is also action to shrink the genital lips (labia majora or labia minora) or Labiaplasty performed on women who feel pain or irritation due to excessive growth of pubic lips.

Done tightening of the vaginal cavity or the front or back causing problems urinating or defecating because of prolapse of the bladder or rectum into the vagina (cystocele or rektokel). Vaginoplasty or automatic kolporafi action will strengthen the pelvic muscles and vagina becomes narrower. So the end result which has resulted in more harmonious relationships and sexual pleasure is a "side effect" arising from genital reconstruction efforts due to medical factors.

Nevertheless rejuvenation action sex organs of non-medical indications to improve the confidence and there is no ban cosmetics done. The act of reconstruction, renovation or rejuvenation as Hymenoplasty, Vaginoplasty, clitoral hood reduction (clitoroplexy) can be either local or general anesthesia and requires no hospitalization. Its action is not a big oeprasi although it takes special skills to do it.

Action of this reconstruction can be done in Indonesia, so no need to Singapore, Bangkok, India, France, the United States or other countries. So to get the comfort, confidence and satisfaction of having sex even to give a surprise gift for her husband to a "second honeymoon" do not have to waste foreign exchange.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    In some cultures, virginity is considered a precious gift from a woman to her lover. And, Valentine’s Day occurs once a year and that is when romantic love is cherished most. To make it extra special, it’s the ideal time where women can give her lover a gift he will never forget. Hymenoplasty can actually make a relationship stronger and more inseparable.

    - Jennifer West

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