Information and consent Hymenoplasty, Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty, Clitoral hood resection

Information and consent Hymenoplasty, Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty, Clitoral hood resection

I, understand that the indication (Hymenoplasty, Labiaplasty, Clitoral Hood Resection, vaginoplasty) ** is an indication of social

As has been explained by my doctor:

I understand though surgery Hymenoplasty, Labiaplasty, Clitoral Hood Resection, vaginoplasty is a very safe procedure and this action is the category of minor surgery, complications can occur even if performed by an experienced medical team. Doctors have been discussing with me about the indications, procedures, and complications of the healing process. We agree that surgery is the best choice for my situation.

I understand that complications may occur during and after surgery. Such as: bleeding, hematoma (blood clots), infection, numbness, tingling, pain and anesthesia complications and medication side effects that may occur.

I understand that the possibility emerged ex / marks on the location of operations and operating healing results are different for each person, ie not bleeding in post Hymenoplasty, excessive sensitivity in the clitoral surgery.

Signed doctors, patients, witnesses

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    Vaginoplasty surgery involves not just incising into vaginal walls and suturing them tighter, but looking for ligaments, tissues, and muscles to tighten before closing vaginal wall in layers again.

    Informasi yg sangat menarik....

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    Hymenoplasty in Chandigarh -
    The hymenoplasty is usually a 30-45 minute procedure and can be done in an out-patient surgery center or in-office using general or local anesthesia. The doctor uses dissolvable stitches to reconnect the skin membrane that once partially covered the opening to the vagina. After the hymenoplasty operation, the patient can return to work in a day or two.

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