Overcome the pain when having sex with Labiaplasty

Overcome the pain when having sex with Labiaplasty
Do you ever feel the complaint on the sex organs when wearing underwear or during intercourse? Consider the genital lips (labia minora) you, whether the cause of the complaint.

The labia minora (small lips / mouth in) is closing the vaginal lips that lie inside. Normally the labia minora are covered by the genital lips bigger the outside (labia majora). In a state may have an enlarged labia minora (labia hypertrophy). The labia minora are larger and protrude past the labia majora. This enlargement can be caused by a congenital condition, the effect of excessive stimulation such as masturbation, obtained after pregnancy and childbirth, obesity or because of the aging process. Enlargement can occur symmetrically on the right and left lip or protruding on one side only.

Enlarged labia minora can cause pain or discomfort when wearing underwear or tight clothing, activities such as exercising, protruding out when wearing swimwear, gymnastics, even in pain during intercourse. In addition it is often women do not feel confident with the appearance of sex organs is less than perfect.

"If there has been physical and emotional complaints from an enlarged labia minora reconstruction is feasible to be done to improve the shape and size known as Labiaplasty surgery," according to dr. Prima Progestian, SpOG of the UB Women and Children Hospital Jakarta. Labiaplasty actions should be performed on women who have grown up. If the enlargement is found in childhood is best to wait until the age of 18 because of the sex organs are still in the process of growth and development.

Labiaplasty action can not only shrink the lip in the genital but also reshape the labia and create a more natural appearance. So that the labia minora protrude and become better cover the vagina. Finally, the perceived physical complaints disappeared and restore a sense of comfort and confidence.

The operation is performed through a local or general anesthesia / total if desired. Old action may take approximately one hour. Patients can go home the same day. After surgery the patient can perform light activities as soon as possible. But intercourse can be resumed after six weeks.

At the time of labiaplasty surgery is sometimes done also others such as Vaginoplasty or reduce excess foreskin clitoris that is sometimes disturbing sensation and sexual pleasure.

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  1. The size of my labia is causing irritation and major pain. labia reduction surgery has been on my mind for a while but it is too expensive and because it is considered cosmetic my insurance plan does not cover it. I can not bare it any longer, I simply cant live this way, it hurts to just sit and walk!

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